Best to Be True Than Perfect w/Sarah Reynolds
The Recruitment FlexMarch 12, 202400:40:43

Best to Be True Than Perfect w/Sarah Reynolds

TRF feat: Sarah Reynolds CMO at HiBob

  • We just had to know the story behind the name of the company. It all makes perfect sense. 

  • A simple answer to Improving onboarding, make good on the recruitment experience and throughout the life cycle of the employee.

  • The biggest hurdle with any HR system is getting employees to use the system; 85% of users access it at least twice a week. 

  • Sarah confesses they are an HR nerd at heart and gives their best advice, ‘Best to be true than perfect. 

  • We talked about influencer marketing and how its can be a real thing using your employees 

  • Best prediction, Sarah shares their perspective on the changing landscape of pay transparency and opportunity transparency.