Appcast Acquires Bayard w/Chris Forman CEO Appcast
The Recruitment FlexJuly 31, 202300:28:18

Appcast Acquires Bayard w/Chris Forman CEO Appcast

When the classiest guy in HR Tech buys the nicest recruitment marketing agency, you get happy employees and delighted customers. 10 cities in 10 days to meet the Bayard team, he’s convinced this acquisition is a win-win. 

  • Chris gives us an inside view of his personal journey and his philosophy on how to build a successful company. 

  • Smart people are everywhere, so invest in overlooked communities like Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  • Chris gives us some inside baseball on how the conversations with partners unfolded before the acquisition with Bayard was announced.

  • 20 years of building business and selling them, this is a first to acquire one!

  • Appcast is now the world’s largest buyer of Indeed and ZipRecruiter media.

  • The definition of success 2 years after the acquisition.

  • What's next for Appcast?

Bonus material:

  • The best explanation on why job postings are down in 2023