Guarding Hearts: Cybercrime and Dating Scams
The L WrdAugust 11, 2023x
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Guarding Hearts: Cybercrime and Dating Scams

Aastha Atray BananAastha Atray BananHost

In this eye-opening episode of "The L Wrd," host Aastha Atray Banan delves into the critical topic of cybercrime and dating scams. Joined by experts in the field, we uncover the tactics used by scammers to exploit vulnerabilities and manipulate emotions for their gain.

Through insightful discussions and expert insights, we'll shine a light on the red flags to watch out for and the precautionary measures to protect your personal information. From catfishing to phishing, Aastha and her guests examine the strategies used by cybercriminals to prey on individuals seeking love in the digital realm.