Trailer: The Indian Cricket Podcast with Sumedhh Bilgi
The Indian Cricket Podcast with Sumedh BilgiJanuary 16, 202200:00:45769.09 KB

Trailer: The Indian Cricket Podcast with Sumedhh Bilgi

This sport means something to us and we're going to chase that meaning and indulge in it via this podcast, but, the new age way.

After spending years with cricketers in the big leagues, here we are putting together a platform for something real!

We've been indulging in cricket by the same old ways for far too long - the same old analysis, same old narratives around players and same old means to be involved in it as fans - but not anymore!

Welcome to The Indian Cricket Podcast - join us for real cricket conversations and matchday morning live chats with me and my friends from the world of Indian Cricket.

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A new age way of living the game, The Indian Cricket Podcast!

Contributors on this intro are:
Ujwal Sachdeva
Shubhangi Sahal
Aiswarya M Babu 
Subrai Sambary 

Sound engineering by Viraj Mande: @mandemetal23