The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited)March 02, 2022
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Jess Von Bank: See Me, Protect Me, Respect Me!

Your business will thrive if you help people thrive

Employer: See Me, Protect Me, Respect Me!

Reading Jess Von Bank's post, “Stop filling reqs and start providing safety. Address the toll of fear and create a culture of hope and health. Do nothing but obsess over the care and nurturing of your own people, and you will stop the bleeding. Just a bet.”, left me wanting to know more! Jess is Lepagen's storyteller and Community Leader for the Now Of Work, and all around awesome human.

In our conversation we covered plenty, including:

  • employees wanting, 'see me, protect me, respect me, keep me safe'
  • why your business will thrive if you help people thrive
  • why we shouldn't be going externally to 'acquire' talent before we have looked internally
  • Jess's love of WORQDRIVE and internal mobility
  • how recruiters are ready to cherry-pick employees from the companies who will set mandatory returns to the office! :o
  • trusting people to work like adults
  • stopping being slaves to the screen and slaves to work with solid boundaries
  • and the Now Of Work community.

Grab a cuppa, pen and paper and settle in! ✍🏻