The Hiring Partner Perspective (Unedited)April 15, 2021
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Ep. 9: Ch'ien Chan - Challenging The Status Quo

It took only a few moments to understand why Heidi Wassini said that I must speak interview Ch'ien Chan. He's the Head of Design at Vivino, the world's largest online wine marketplace, and you'll soon hear their high level of mutual respect. 

Besides Ch'ien's natural extroversion and incredible background, working for household name companies on two continents, Ch'ien is the only hiring manager I know who has trawled through 387 CVs. Unsurprisingly, he realised this isn't the way to recruit effectively!

It certainly gave him empathy for what recruiters go through and the willingness to let Heidi challenge the status quo, his personal mantra. You'll hear Ch'ien talk about relinquishing control as a self-appointed "anal-retentive Virgo", which is a control freak to you and me, and what working with Nicklas Pyrdol, of Innoflow, achieved.

Innoflow is an anonymised case-based recruitment process to discover talent and potential in a way you haven't previously. They state it makes the process fair, unbiased and efficient. So did it help Ch'ien Chan? 

If your recruitment could do with a shake-up, grab your headset & have a listen. 🎧

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