Ep. 8: Anna Boyarkina - The Honour In Hiring

Ep. 8: Anna Boyarkina - The Honour In Hiring

Snooping around Anna Boyarkina's profile had me super curious to hear about her career to date; from studying economics & business to starting an events business and TEDxPerm to her current role as Head of Product Use Cases. In minutes, you'll be glad you listened in.

We chatted about Anna joining Miro when it was just 11 people and the opportunity that creates, building the company based on what people believe in and are doing, and their mission to empower teams to create the next big thing.

Referred by Alla Pavlova, I could soon see why! Anna believes great talent brings a lot to a company but how she does this, well it surprised me. Listen in to hear how she sources herself so she can find profiles and set the bar of what she's looking for, which is easier than asking recruiters to read her mind. 🔮

We also chatted about the importance of cadence and doing your homework, adding your recruiters to your favourites, and the honour it is to hire the people for your company! 🤩

Grab your headset, a cuppa, & settle in. 🎧

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