David Allen Moss - Evergreen Is Not On Mute!

David Allen Moss - Evergreen Is Not On Mute!

Getting back to basics to be a great (hiring) leader

After The Chad, introduced me to the fabulous people at Evergreen Podcasts, who now host this very podcast, and we got chatting about hiring disasters, I just had to interview their Chief Creative Officer, David Allen Moss.

Stop what you're doing, grab pen & paper, and hear Katrina & David laugh a lot and talk about:

  • Commodore 64s, digital signage, and the beginnings of Evergreen!
  • How Evergreen differentiate themselves through their collections - check out the HR interview playlist!
  • Adjusting to a hybrid world & going against the flow and buying a building 😮
  • Getting clear on hiring workflows, and the problem with out of sight, of mind.
  • Creatively sourcing applicants and working out who they need to hire.
  • Going beyond the CV and trusting your recruiter to get a good fit.
  • The book Creativity Inc and the power of collaboration in the future of podcasting.

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