The Can Do WayJuly 07, 2022x
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Can Do Coffee Chat with Tracey McAlpine Founder & Editor of

In this episode of The Can Do Way, I am talking to Tracey McAlpine, Founder & Editor of

Following a career in advertising, Tracey took a 25 year career break to bring up her family. 

When she reached 50, she was fit, healthy and positive, she was ready to start the second half of her life. But she quickly became aware of the negativity surrounding older women. At the time, 11 years ago, very few people were offering advice on how women could stay well and thrive during later life. 

Tracey started the website Fighting Fifty to challenge the perceptions of ageing and to offer expert advice on how to stay well as you get older. 

Be inspired by Tracey’s nourishing Can Do story to positively ‘grow into who you are’ as you age.

Listen for Tracey’s Can Do tips:

  1. Later life is a time for growth.
  2. Keep moving, keep learning.
  3. If you never try, you will never know.