What Does Sputnik V Approval Signify for India's Vaccination Drive?
The Big StoryApril 14, 202100:21:07

What Does Sputnik V Approval Signify for India's Vaccination Drive?

As India battles another record spike in infections, with over 1.8 lakh new COVID cases on 13 April, we finally also received some good news. 

After a long wait, on 12 April, Russia's Sputnik V becomes the third vaccine to be green lit for emergency use in India.

The Sputnik V approval comes after the Centre finally eased the path for vaccines from pharmaceutical companies, that are approved in US, UK and European countries, to seek approvals in India.

Sputnik V is also one of only three clinically tested vaccines in the world (including Pfizer and Moderna) with an efficacy of 91.6 per cent as per The Lancet’s findings.

But, on the side of the world, another popular vaccine is now being temporarily paused. The vaccine in question is the single shot Johnson and Johnson vaccine after multiple cases of severe blood clots were reported on 13 April. 

In today’s episode, we will go through the efficacy data on Sputnik V, its dosage and its possible roll out time in India and also when we can see other vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson in India. 

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