What Are The Possible Consequences of US Capitol Siege for Trump?
The Big StoryJanuary 07, 202100:10:51

What Are The Possible Consequences of US Capitol Siege for Trump?

The glory of American democracy turned into a horror show on 6 January, as thousands of Trump supporters breached barricades and stormed into the US Capitol while the US Congress had met to certify the Electoral College votes for President-elect Joe Biden.

This was one of the last formalities remaining for Biden to be confirmed as the President of US, when Members of the Congress found themselves taking cover from this violent scene instead. But hours after the event, US Congress went ahead and affirmed Biden and Kamala Harris's victories.
Even though the brief siege wasn't really about changing the results, it did what it was set to do: interrupt a democratic process.

Shocking videos and photos poured in from Washington DC showing MAGA hat wearing protestors flying the Confederate flag as they attempted to break into the House Chamber, smashing windows and occupying legislator's offices.

And as the unprepared Capitol police struggled to hold back the mob of insurrectionists, four people were reported dead including a woman who was shot by the police.

As many as 52 people were arrested in the aftermath, while a string of resignations also came in from the outgoing Trump administration.

But even as both GOP and Democratic lawmakers were urging Trump to call off his supporters, he made only but a weak effort to end the siege.
In fact, in a video message he continued to claim that the US elections were stolen, prompting social media platforms to get proactive and do something never done before: suspend his social media accounts temporarily.

But as DC remains in a state of public emergency for the next 15 days, the question is, what are the consequences of this attack on democracy for America and most importantly for Trump? Tune in!

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