Trump’s “Filthy Air” Comment Upsets Indians, But It’s True
The Big StoryOctober 23, 202000:12:08

Trump’s “Filthy Air” Comment Upsets Indians, But It’s True

“Look at China, how filthy it is. Look at Russia. Look at India. It’s filthy, the air is filthy,” US President Donald said in the final Presidential debate.
Although US President Donald Trump's words drew sharp comments from Indian citizens and politicians alike, for once what Trump said is not far from the truth.

The Health Effects Institute in The State of Global Air 2020 study found out that air pollution in India contributed to the deaths of more than 1,16,000 infants who did not survive their first month in 2019.

Perhaps it's not at all surprising considering that India once again also topped in the annual list of cities with the worst air quality in the world. According to a World Air Quality Report report compiled in IQAir, 21 of the world's 30 cities with the worst air pollution are in India.

Air pollution has finally made it to the political discourse, but are governments taking serious action? In the meantime, how is it affecting and deteriorating India's health?


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