Tight Race Between Biden & Trump But 5 States May Decide Winner
The Big StoryNovember 04, 2020
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Tight Race Between Biden & Trump But 5 States May Decide Winner

Although Donald Trump claimed victory already, the elections results in the US haven't even been declared yet. With more than a million of outstanding votes, Americans are in all likelihood up for a longer wait.

While the race inches towards the finishing line, anxiety and anticipation is rising with every minute passing by. Who will be the next President? All eyes are glued to the news to find out. But delayed results are not at all surprising considering the changes in voting methods this year. The counting process in a number of key states may spill well beyond the election night by a number of days if not more.

Only a handful of states have being called so far. Trump has managed to secure Texas, Ohio, Iowa and most importantly the swing state of Florida, while the smaller states of Minnesota, Colorado and New Hampshire have been projected to be in favour of Joe Biden.

And at the time of the recording of this podcast, in a tightly fought race, Biden had a lead in the tally over Trump by a mere 25 votes.

Now, the numbers might flip or the gap might widen but one thing is certain: whatever happens, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina are the key states that might decide the electoral fate of the country.

As we wait for the results, let’s take a look at where does the race stand right now. Tune in to The Big Story!

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