RNC 2020: Optics, Cancel Culture & Fighting Racism Allegations
The Big StoryAugust 27, 2020
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RNC 2020: Optics, Cancel Culture & Fighting Racism Allegations

In the backdrop of another incident of police shooting of an African-American citizen, a deadly protest against police brutality that left two dead in Wisconsin and an extremely dangerous hurricane Laura striking Louisiana, the Republican party has been holding its National Convention ahead of the 2020 US Elections.

Unlike the Democrats who went ahead with a virtual event due to the pandemic, the RNC chose a more hybrid format with a mixture of taped and live events that involved a naturalisation ceremony at the White House where five immigrants, including an Indian software engineer, were naturalised as US citizens.

If the Democratic National Convention went for a display of cultural diversity, while outlining the kind crises that America is facing such as the pandemic, the resulting economic crisis, systematic racism, the ongoing Republican National Convention was all about defending itself against allegations of racist policies, racist structures, mishandling of the pandemic and interestingly talking about "cancel culture".

What are the biggest takeaways from the Republican National Convention? Tune in!

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