How Much Can Maharashtra Revoking ‘Consent’ Hinder CBI Probes?
The Big StoryOctober 22, 2020
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How Much Can Maharashtra Revoking ‘Consent’ Hinder CBI Probes?

Maharashtra became the fifth state to withdraw its general consent to the CBI – or the Central Bureau of Investigation – to operate within its territory. Why would it do this?

Well, the government order doesn't specify any reason. But it does come close on the heels of the CBI starting its own probe into the TRP manipulation scam following a reference from the Uttar Pradesh government.

Two months back, the handing over of the Sushant Singh Rajput case to the CBI from Mumbai police had sparked a big row between Maharashtra government and the BJP. And the way things played out back then had led to speculation that the TRP scam case might be going the same way: taken away from the Mumbai police and given to the CBI, at the BJP's behest.

But does the withdrawal of consent by the Maharashtra government actually prevent that from happening? What does this mean for the TRP scam investigation going forward? Will the Mumbai police have to end its investigation in the case? And how much can the denial restrict its operations? Tune in to The Big Story!


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