Hathras Gangrape Case: As Calls for Justice Gets Louder, Probe Gets Muddier
The Big StoryOctober 05, 2020
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Hathras Gangrape Case: As Calls for Justice Gets Louder, Probe Gets Muddier

Protests over the Hathras gangrape case are transcending beyond India's streets to becoming a global outrage. From New York to Berlin — students, Dalit activists and members of the Indian diaspora are joining in with "Jai Bhim" and "Dalit Lives Matter" slogans for the 19-year-old Dalit victim who succumbed to her injuries on 29 September.

But as the call for justice gets louder, the investigation gets muddier.
Right from the beginning, as the UP police have been drawing public ire for mishandling the case, they had been claiming that no rape had taken place. However, contrary to the police's claims, the medicolegal certificate from AMU's Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital (where the victim was first admitted), notes that there were ‘signs of use of force.’

But this wouldn't be the first discrepancy in this case. While the state police are pushing the no rape narrative, the UP government is pushing for a “narco test”, not just on the accused but the family of the victim as well to see if they are lying. What recourse is available for the victim's family now?


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