Facebook Goes Meta: What This Change Really Means For Users
The Big StoryOctober 29, 2021
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Facebook Goes Meta: What This Change Really Means For Users

Metaverse. Sounds straight out of a sci fi novel, right? Well, it is. From a 1992 dystopian novel "Snow Crash" by American writer Neal Stephenson that envisioned a digital universe as a 3D space that one can come in and out of.

And, that sci fi concept that has been the plot of movies like Matrix or Inception, is exactly what Mark Zuckerberg is aiming for, as he announced that Facebook is rebranding itself as Meta.

The social media platform will still be called Facebook but with the rechristening of the company name from Facebook to Meta it's not just a social media company anymore but hopes to be a "metaverse company"—something that wants to make this sci fi concept into a reality.

But where is this reinvention coming from?

Well, Zuckerberg the Chief Executive of the company explained the name “Facebook” doesn't fully encompass everything that the company does anymore, let alone the future. So, the rebranding in fact, is heralding a transition in the company towards building the next generation of the internet that'll blend the real and virtual worlds for its users.

But what is Meta's futuristic vision going to look like in practice? Is this going to be the next big thing? As the social media company faces trust deficit over data privacy issues, what are some of the concerns that arises as this social media giant takes a plunge into the AR-VR world?

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