‘Chaos, Disbelief and Rumours’: Journalists Recount 26/11 Attacks
The Big StoryNovember 26, 2020
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‘Chaos, Disbelief and Rumours’: Journalists Recount 26/11 Attacks

There's perhaps still a lingering sense of disbelief as we talk about 26 November 2008.

In the past years, a lot has been said about how the 26/11 attacks upended the bustling city of Mumbai. Those who survived to tell the tale, journalists who were out in the streets reporting, books, movies that tried to document people's stories, have all tried to capture the horror show that was unleashed in city down to the minutest details.

And so even more than a decade later, the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai remains an unforgotten event.

As 10 Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists lay siege to the city over three days, more than 160 lives were lost including policemen, Indian citizens and foreign visitors. More than 300 were left injured. Those wounds may have healed and the damaged buildings may have been rebuilt, but the bloodbath and the sheer terror of 26 November 2008 still remains raw.

On the 12th anniversary of the 26/11 attack, we bring you first-hand accounts of three journalists who covered the attack from ground zero. In this podcast you'll hear from Raksha Shetty, Mahrukh Inayat and Shai Venkatraman talk about how they went around covering the attack. Tune in!

Producer and Host: Shorbori Purkayastha
Raksha Shetty, Principal Correspondent in the Mumbai bureau of CNN-IBN
Mahrukh Inayat, News Editor of Times Now
Shai Venkatraman, Former Mumbai Bureau Chief for NDTV 24/7.
Editor: Shelly Walia

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