As US Exits Kabul, Are Leaders Signalling Diplomatic Acceptance of Taliban?
The Big StorySeptember 01, 202100:13:19

As US Exits Kabul, Are Leaders Signalling Diplomatic Acceptance of Taliban?

After a frantic scramble, the last evacuation flight carrying Americans left from Kabul before the 31 August deadline set by US President Joe Biden. And so, the US’ longest war against terror officially came to an end.

Hours after a C-17 military aircraft airlifted the last US soldiers, Taliban fighters took charge of the Kabul airport. Shots were fired into the sky, to celebrate their victory and a "free and sovereign" Afghanistan. 

Taliban leaders were seen inspecting the airport, flanked by the elite Badri unit, posing for photographs brandishing US rifles and flying the group's white flag.

In a press address, General Kenneth McKenzie said while the military evacuation is complete, the diplomatic mission to ensure that additional US citizens and eligible Afghans who want to leave continues.

But as this new chapter begins for the country, the mood is grim for thousands of common Afghans who fear losing their basic rights and freedom under the Taliban.

While on one hand, the Taliban has been trying to seek international recognition and presenting a moderation of their views, on the other hand, there have been reportage of the Taliban going back to their old ways. 

In fact, just days after Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid confirmed that music will be banned in public spaces as it was in the previous regime, a popular folk singer by the name of Fawad Andarabi was dragged out his house and shot by a Taliban fighter.

Amid this atmosphere of fear, the UN has passed a resolution which requires the Taliban to keep their commitment to allow safe passage for eligible Afghans out of the country, but can international leaders hold the Taliban responsible to their commitments?

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