As CBSE Marks Soar, Delhi University Says Cut-Offs To Be Higher
The Big StoryJuly 15, 2020
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As CBSE Marks Soar, Delhi University Says Cut-Offs To Be Higher

Schools teach us about the decimal system but it is during college admissions that many of us learn about the importance of each decimal place.
One decimal point could very well be the difference between securing admission to a college of one’s choice and being left out. Cut off lists in colleges across India illustrate that the gap between a 97.0 percent and a 96.5 is often a chasm too wide to leap across.
The CBSE results that were declared on 13 July have witnessed a meteoric rise in the number of students who have scored about 90 percent. The first list of cut offs, however, may soon diminish the jubilation of many of the 1, 57, 934 CBSE board students who have secured above 90 percent as colleges have indicated that the cut-offs are going to be higher.
Today, we explore Delhi University’s approach to the upcoming admission season and speak with college principals, administrators and students seeking admission to find out what the cut offs are going to be like and whether there is a need for a re-evaluation of the scoring and admission process.

Producer and Host: Sushovan Sircar
Guests: Dr Bijaylaxmi Nanda, principal, Miranda College; Prof Shobha Bagai, dean of admissions, DU; and Tanvi Madan, student
Editor: Shelly Walia

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