A Few Good Results But How Long Before a COVID-19 Vaccine?
The Big StoryJuly 21, 2020
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A Few Good Results But How Long Before a COVID-19 Vaccine?

As the coronavirus infections shoot up to 14.6 million worldwide, we finally have some hopeful news on vaccines! COVID-19 vaccine trials by Oxford University in the UK, by CanSino in China, BioNTech from Germany, and several others have shown positive results in their clinical trials.

More than 150 countries India included are in a hunt to find a vaccination at the earliest to be able curb the soaring infection rates, and as of now these candidates are ahead of that race.

The Oxford-AstraZeneca study which is effectively in the first spot right now has been showing promising results from the start. The preliminary data from their early trials show that the vaccine not only appears to be safe but it’s also giving a double protection with anti-bodies and killer T cells.

While the others — the Chinese vaccine being developed by CanSino and studies from Germany's BioNtech which are also moving in an equal pace, have induced safe and significant immune responses.

So, with a handful of vaccine yielding positive results, how much longer before a vaccine comes to our rescue? Tune in to The Big Story!


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