EP 40: Suno Sabki, Karo Apni with Tejal Bajla
Taking ChancesJune 23, 202400:48:28

EP 40: Suno Sabki, Karo Apni with Tejal Bajla

Tejal Bajla is a visionary leader committed to simplifying the lives of new parents in India. Through her ventures, AllThingsBaby.com, Brainsmith, and The Mommy Network, she provides high-quality products, genuine advice, and robust support systems to families.

Renowned for her expertise in consumer marketing and brand management, Tejal has successfully built brands that stand out in today’s competitive market. Her commitment to excellence and innovation makes her a prominent figure in the Mother & Baby sector.

This episode is truly a master class on building brands with many how to and what to insights. Do listen up as she shares the unique needs for women in the industry, and how we need to be more open about our experiences and share with other women who are coming down the pipeline.

This is Taking Chances.