EP 19: So much more to do with Harshil Karia
Taking ChancesNovember 29, 2021x
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EP 19: So much more to do with Harshil Karia

We have with us Harshil Karia – Founder Schbang. Harshil has been in the digital space in India for over 12 years. He has set up 2 agencies - Schbang and FoxyMoron.
He has been selected as the top 50 Individual in the Digital Eco System in India and has won multiple Indian and Global awards like The Shorty’s Award, The Internationalists Award, and is part of the first team from India to win a Facebook Studio Award. Brand Equity has consistently labelled his agencies as the ‘Hottest Digital Agencies in India’.
In this episode Harshil talks about his journey, his future plans and what success means to him. His ambitions sound daunting but his track record speaks for itself.
This is Taking Chances.

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