Temple’s massie kitchen
Sutradhar Mini Tales (English)June 27, 2022x
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Temple’s massie kitchen

Out of the four Dhams, the place where Lord Vishnu eats is the temple of Puri Jagannath. That is why food is of utmost importance in this temple, that is why it is not called Prasad but Mahaprasad. The kitchen of this temple was once considered to be the world's largest kitchen, this entire temple kitchen still serves food daily to over one lakh devotees.

Fifty-six favorite dishes of Bhagwan Vishnu are cooked here in earthen pots which are placed one on top of the other. The most surprising thing is that the food of the upper vessel is prepared first and then in vessels beneath it.

It is said that such a miracle happens only because Mahalakshmi herself cooks this food with her own hands for her beloved Shri Hari. No matter how many devotees come during the day, the food never falls short. In every Odia family, when the time of death of a member is near, the dying is fed this Mahaprasad as the last morsel, which is called Nirmalya.