Sutradhar Mini Tales (English)June 24, 2022x
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Bhushundi was born in Ayodhya and was a staunch devotee of Shri Ram. He was so devoted to Bhagwaan Ram that he did not want to know about anything else in life.

He went to study under Lomash rishi and kept interrupting him because he only wanted to talk about Shri Ram. Lomash rishi tried to avoid his interruption for some time but in the end, he lost his cool. Out of anger he said,” you are too rigid and refuse to listen to all the knowledge and wisdom I have to offer. You keep behaving like a crow. I curse you to become a crow at once.”

Thus, Bhushundi became Kakbhushundi. When lord came to know about the curse, he confronted Lomash rishi and asked him to help Kakbhushundi attain true devotion. 

Kakbhushundi was given the boon to be alive forever and witness Shri Ram’s life in every kalpa. He can travel through time and space at will to witness leela of his Prabhu.

Kakbhushundi narrated Shri Ram katha to lord Garuda, when he got doubts about His divinity, much before Valmiki wrote him Ramayana.