Barcodes & RFID - Raju Kothavade, Pinaco India
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Barcodes & RFID - Raju Kothavade, Pinaco India

Pinako India
Pinako India has been in the business of providing Enterprise Mobility &
Data Capture Solutions for Supply chain automation across market verticals
for more than 27 years and continues to maintain a leadership position for
many years. Pinako's proven customized solutions to businesses in Retail,
Manufacturing, Logistics and many other verticals continue to provide
efficiency and productivity through enhanced visibility in their supply
chains thus improving their profitability and customer experience. Over the
years Pinako has matured and built skills in Enterprise Mobility,
Bar-coding, RFID solutions which seamlessly integrate with all leading ERPs
such as SAP, Oracle, Baan or customized applications.