For spreading awareness and encouraging a more inclusive society; through this insightful episode of Selfless Parenting, let's understand that every child with a special need should have the opportunity to thrive, learn, and grow. Lets probe into their world with Dr. Analpa Paranjpe, a renowned special education expert and senior psychologist, to listen to their voices & support their needs. In a world that can sometimes be harsh, this episode is a reminder that love, acceptance, and empowerment have the power to unfurl wings of inclusivity, allowing every child to soar, no matter their unique needs. It is an episode that celebrates the potential within each of us, reminding us that, together, we can make the world a more inclusive and beautiful place for all.

मुलांमध्ये असणाऱ्या अक्षमता किंवा असे आजार ज्याविषयी खूप कमी #awareness आहे पालकांत आणि समाजातही... त्या बद्दल बोलणं खूप गरजेचं आहे .. अशा मुलांचं काय करायचं ? त्यांच्या बाबतीत inclusive कसं राहता येईल ? त्यांना main stream मध्ये स्थान मिळवण्यासाठी अजूनही किती struggle करावं लागतं ? शारिरीक आव्हानं तर असतातच पण मानसिक खच्चीकरण कसं थांबवायचं ? त्यांना मदत कोण करणार ? अशा अनेक महत्त्वाच्या प्रश्नांवर भाष्य करणारा Selfless Parentingचा नवीन भाग अजिबात miss करू नका !! 

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