Shilpa Inamdar -Yadnyopavit

Shilpa Inamdar -Yadnyopavit

Basically a creative person & freelance professional in the field of life skills training.   passionately a compere, interviewer & voice artist. Also a trained & certified fellow in psychological courses and worked as a resource person with some NGOs & schools in Pune.Along with that, flourishing as a proud Owner & Producer of an exclusive & probably the only Marathi podcast on Parenting named 'Selfless' Parenting !!! 

Started the podcast  to spread awareness. There is a NEED to LEARN & PRACTICE parenting KEENLY & not just becoming the one by giving birth to the kids. I have met many children & parents; especially parents of adolescents and came across the issues pertaining to wrong beliefs & concepts about upbringing & understanding the children. While exploring own parenthood of twin daughters & then working with NGOs & schools; discovered that there are many important aspects of parenting which matter a lot but are totally unknown/ignored. There are many misconceptions about 'being a good parent'...Rather people are totally unaware about the "after effects" of their prejudices on children & themselves too. 

I have started this marathi podcast to make parents aware about the important aspects/issues/threats/needs/<wbr />solutions/help and much more about this important role of BEING A REAL PARENT.. !!! I haven't found such content/platform in regional languages so decided to create my content in Marathi.

Selfless Parenting is about raising your children as unique souls and by respecting their individuality. A MARATHI PODCAST where you can get to "LISTEN & LEARN" important things about "PARENTING" that really MATTERS !!! In short, one stop solution for all your parenting concerns & needs !! 

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