Recruiting Future with Matt AlderAugust 31, 2023
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Transforming Frontline Hiring

In this episode, Matt Alder talks to Joshua Secrest, former head of global TA and talent strategy at McDonald's, about the transformation of frontline hiring.

Frontline hiring continues to be highly challenging with ongoing labor shortages in many countries. The business impact of understaffing is both significant and quantifiable, meaning hiring speed is a critical lever for business value and competing effectively in a competitive talent market.

So, how can employers speed up their processes while offering a great candidate experience and improving retention?

My guest this week is Joshua Secrest, VP of Client Advocacy at Paradox. During his time as a Global TA leader for McDonald's, Josh used technology to reduce frontline hiring times from 21 days to 3 days. He is continuing to help employers automate recruiting and innovate with AI at Paradox, and he has many valuable insights to share.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The current challenges in frontline hiring

  • Business impacts of understaffing

  • Having the ear of the C-Suite

  • The critical importance of speed and moving fast at every stage of the process

  • Turnoever and retention

  • The power of automation

  • The role of AI and the role of humans

  • Delivering an excellent candidate and hiring manager experience

  • The importance of simple, intuitive interfaces

  • Speed of adoption in recruiting automation and advice to TA leaders

  • Plugging generative AI into conversational AI

  • What does talent acquisition look like in five years?

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