Interviewerless Interviewing
Recruiting Future with Matt AlderSeptember 17, 202300:24:13

Interviewerless Interviewing

Stephane Rivard, CEO and Co-Founder of Hiring Branch, talks to Matt Alder

If you have been listening to the recent episodes of the show, you'll have noticed the considerable amount of innovation currently happening in high-volume hiring. Driven by skill shortages and automation technology, high volume is the area that has given us an insight into what the future might be like for talent acquisition.

Over the next two episodes, I will dive deeper into automation and AI in high-volume hiring by speaking to technology CEOs with products that are helping to shape the future. 

My first guest is Stephane Rivard, CEO and Co-Founder of Hiring Branch. Several Hiring Branch's customers have used technology to move away from human interviews completely. Stephane talks us through the results they are getting and the implications for the future of talent acquisition.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Is recruiting automation gaining traction?

  • Predicting job performance via scenario-driven assessment

  • Previewing the work and showcasing skills

  • Removing bias

  • Will this approach spread beyond high volume?

  • Hiring within 24 hours

  • Selling the role and organization

  • Improving the quality of hire

  • Resources, efficiencies, budgets, legislation and regulation

  • Recruiter career prospects and advice to TA leaders

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