Recruiting Future with Matt AlderSeptember 18, 2023
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Hiring Innovation in LATAM and Asia

Max Armbruster, CEO at Talkpush, talks to Matt Alder

If you have been listening to the recent episodes of the show, you'll have noticed the considerable amount of innovation currently happening in high-volume hiring. Driven by skill shortages and automation technology, high volume is the area that has given us an insight into what the future might be like for talent acquisition.

In episodes 551 and 552, I'm diving deeper into automation and AI in high-volume hiring by speaking to technology CEOs with products that are helping to shape the future. 

My second guest in this mini-series is Max Armbruster, CEO at Talkpush. Max does extensive work around high-volume hiring in Latin America and Asia. Technology is driving innovation for different reasons in these markets than in the US and Europe, and Max has some deep insights into how hiring is developing and where things are heading.

In the interview, we discuss:

  • The hiring market beyond the US and Europe

  • Automation to reduce recruiter numbers and broaden talent pools

  • Emerging markets and future economic powerhouses

  • Cost per hire

  • How AI improves the quality of hire

  • The impact of the accessibility and affordability of AI

  • Communication channels and candidate experience

  • Developing local toolkits

  • Advice to employers hiring remotely in these markets

  • What's the future for recruiters?

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