Building A Global TA Strategy
Recruiting Future with Matt AlderAugust 18, 202300:20:45

Building A Global TA Strategy

Chet Ritchie, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Manulife, talks to Matt Alder

Being a Global Head of TA in 2023 is highly challenging. Dealing with disrupted talent markets and global hiring nuances while building a consistent approach to candidate experience and stakeholder relations and keeping on top of emerging technology trends is complex, to say the least. 

My guest this week is Chet Ritchie, VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Manulife. Chet is driving a TA strategy based on transparent relationship management and a core, common, and custom approach to the critical elements of recruiting and employer branding. 

In the interview, we discuss:

  • Demographic shifts and talent market dynamics

  • The importance of hiring manager and stakeholder relations

  • A personalized and engaging candidate experience

  • Providing feedback throughout the process

  • Structuring a global team

  • Core, Common, and Custom

  • The role of technology

  • Showing humanity through the recruiting process

  • Leveraging data for talent intelligence and process optimization

  • What does the future of TA look like

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