Raghav's TakeAugust 24, 2019
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A Navratri (Nine-Point) Economic Re-Boot for a ‘Puritan’ Modi

In Prime Minister Modi’s unexpected, stirring commendation of “wealth creators” – most tellingly, by using popular English terminology, instead of conjuring up a Hindi equivalent like poonji utpadak (as he is wont to do)he was signaling a reach-out to new-gen entrepreneurs and elite business-people who have gotten estranged from him.

And by obliquely acknowledging that his regime may have treated them with contempt/suspicion – mark his cutting words in Hindi, heen bhavna – he was being as contrite as Modi can ever be on a public platform.

After finishing an energetic 94-minute speech from the Ramparts of the Red Fort, Modi is understood to have driven straight into a brainstorming session with Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and her band of policy-men on how to fix the economy.

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