Sustainable Period Products: All About Menstrual Cups With Dr Cuterus

FIT speaks to Gynaecologist, Dr Tanaya Narendra, AKA Dr Cuterus, about sustainable period products, the menstrual cup, puritan culture, and eco-anxiety among mensturators.
"I started using the cup in 2017, but my mum who was a gynaecologist, said no. Indian Gynaecologists tend to have a block in their head about using anything insertable inside the vagina before 'marriage'," says Dr Tanaya.
"For the record, my mom also reacted the same way when she found out I was using it," says Anoushka.
"A lot of this is linked to purity culture. There are a lot of things that we put in our bodies. These are extremely safe and very well tested," adds Dr Tanaya.