Interview With "Blood For Dust" Actor Scoot McNairy
Next Best Picture PodcastApril 17, 202400:26:06

Interview With "Blood For Dust" Actor Scoot McNairy


Scoot McNairy has been one of the world's best and most reliable character actors ever since his career took off in the early 2010s with films such as "Monsters," "Argo," "Killing Them Softly," "12 Years A Slave" and more. His latest role in "Blood For Dust," which had its world premiere at last year's Tribeca Festival, finds him playing an everyday salesman caught up in the dangerous world of crime in Montana during the 1990s, co-starring Kit Harington, Josh Lucas, Stephen Dorff. McNairy was generous enough to spend some time talking about his experience making the film, his career, and upcoming projects such as "Nightbitch," "Speak No Evil," and "A Complete Unknown." Please be sure to check out the film, which will be released by The Avenue in theaters and will be on digital on April 19th. Thank you, and enjoy!

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