लेखक संजय सिंग स्कॅम २००३ | Writer Sanjay Singh Scam 2003

लेखक संजय सिंग स्कॅम २००३ | Writer Sanjay Singh Scam 2003

स. न. वि. वि.

मु.पो.मनोरंजन च्या तिसऱ्या सीझनच्या दहावा एपिसोड मध्ये तुमचं सहर्ष स्वागत!

In this episode, we have with us the renowned writer, Sanjay Singh, who wrote the gripping "Scam 2003" series based on the life and exploits of Abdul Karim Telgi, the mastermind behind one of India's most notorious scams.

Join us as Sanjay takes us on a thrilling journey of this financial scandal and shares exclusive insights and secrets behind his remarkable research process and how he unraveled the intricate web of deceit.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone fascinated by true crime, investigative journalism, and the art of storytelling. 

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