Why, Max Verstappen, Why? 2022 Brazil GP Review
Inside Line F1 PodcastNovember 14, 2022x
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Why, Max Verstappen, Why? 2022 Brazil GP Review

Why, Max Verstappen, why? The two-time World Champion let go of the 'cheapest' way to secure Sergio Perez's loyalty at the 2022 Sao Paulo GP or the 2022 Brazilian GP (whatever you want to call it!).

And then of course, we had a Verstappen vs. Lewis Hamilton on-track, that cost both teams a bit of body work. Fernando Alonso's fightback, Ferrari's inters for Charles Leclerc and refusal to swap places with Carlos Sainz, the team-mate battles, Yuki Tsunoda being 'forgotten' by Race Control, Lando Norris' illness, Mclaren's double DNF, Kevin Magnussen's pole and more.

(Season 2022, Episode 69)

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