Stories to watch F1 for after the summer break - 2023 F1 Season
Inside Line F1 PodcastAugust 20, 202300:28:33

Stories to watch F1 for after the summer break - 2023 F1 Season

The summer break is over! It finally is RACE WEEK!

From now till the end of the 2023 Formula 1 season, there are more 'race weeks' than non-race weeks. Yes, you can do the math.

In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil Arora and Kunal Shah tell you the key stories to watch F1 for after the summer break. Yes, Max Verstappen-Red Bull Racing's dominance might be boring for a few fans, but there's so much more of the season that will unravel over the next half of the season.

If the sporting side of Formula 1 interests you, here are a few stories to pick from. What race will Max Verstappen not win? Will Aston Martin get back on the podium & where will Mclaren's recovery eventually lead them to? Finally, will Ferrari go 2 tenths quicker as promised/predicted by Frederic Vasseur?

If the political side interests you, here are some stories to pick from. The results of the 2022 budget cap and related breaches will be announced soon enough. As will the fate of the 11th and 12th teams in Formula 1, if so. 

If you like rookie drivers, which rookie will get a chance in FP1 and in which race? Could a rookie usurp one of the many race seats that are yet to be extended for 2024? In fact, driver contract extensions will be a story - the most-interesting one of Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes, of course. 

Basically, there are tons of narratives and stories that will headline in the second-half of the season. If you wish to add to our list, tag us on social media (@insidelinef1pod) and let's know. Tune in!

(Season 2023, Episode 42)

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Image courtesy: Mclaren