Quirky Moments Of F1 2021...Yet! (ft. ALO, PER, RIC & Others)
Inside Line F1 PodcastApril 05, 2021x
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Quirky Moments Of F1 2021...Yet! (ft. ALO, PER, RIC & Others)


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3 days x pre-season testing + 3 days x 2021 Bahrain Grand Prix = several quirky moments of the 2021 Formula 1 season already; Sergio Perez's restart on the formation lap being one of many. While recording this episode, we realised how important a role Windows & Bill Gates have played in our lives by teaching us the ever-crucial 'restart' action! 

To give you a hint of the other stories in this episode - Fernando Alonso's wrapper-gate, Daniel Ricciardo's pre-race printed notes, Mclaren's 'boys in orange' radio to make sure RIC doesn't drive into the Renault pit box, Sebastian Vettel's Capt. Planet mode, Kimi Raikkonen's random number selection, Valtteri Bottas' 'undriveable' message and of course, Lando Norris coming out in support of Nikita Mazepin and more. 

This Pits to Podium segment of the Inside Line F1 Podcast is hosted by Soumil Arora and Kunal Shah. 

(Season 2021, Episode 20)

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Music courtesy: Lucien Byfieldt

Image courtesy: Alpine F1 Team