Max Verstappen's Unconquered Frontier...Yet! 2023 Singapore GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastSeptember 13, 202300:24:51

Max Verstappen's Unconquered Frontier...Yet! 2023 Singapore GP Preview

Max Verstappen is yet to win in Singapore. Will we repeat this stat after the 2023 Singapore Grand Prix though? Heck, VER is yet to take pole position at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. In fact, Red Bull Racing's last pole was in 2013 (Sebastian Vettel).

However, there's more belief that VER will extend his record-breaking race winning streak to 11 wins this Sunday. But also, Singapore might be his toughest race to win...yet.

Firstly, VER's five race winning streak of 2022 ended at Singapore. Could it be a repeat this year? Of course, this could be for no fault of his own, as we saw in 2022.

Secondly, will the driver breaking VER's ongoing race winning streak become popular or unpopular for breaking the streak? Yes, it is about who breaks the streak. If it's Sergio Perez, he will be unpopular, however, if it's any other driver, he'll be a popular one! The perils of racing along side Max Verstappen at Red Bull Racing, we guess.

The Marina Bay Street Circuit features a new layout this weekend. Williams believe that the new layout will be more suitable to the FW45 than the old one. The organisers have replaced four 90 degree slow corners with a 400 metre long straight. They say that the layout change is to accommodate ongoing developments on the streets of Singapore, or is it really? They do anything these days to boost 'overtaking' in Formula 1.

A high downforce circuit that's tough on it's tyres. Add to it the physical challenge for the drivers - the heat and humidity. Throw in the usual narratives, but also, the nearest home race for Zhou Guanyu and Alexander Albon. C'mon, Alfa Romeo Racing, if there's a race to announce Zhou's extension, it's this!

This weekend's going to be another epic Formula 1 race, and our race preview, will bring you closer to the upcoming race...and the sport.

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(Season 2023, Episode 48)

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