Madness in Monaco: Perez, Ferrari, FIA - 2022 Monaco GP Review
Inside Line F1 PodcastMay 30, 202200:37:05

Madness in Monaco: Perez, Ferrari, FIA - 2022 Monaco GP Review

The 2022 Monaco Grand Prix was unusual, fun & chaotic. Did the late start & fewer race laps rob us of more fun and chaos on the streets of Monaco?

Soumil & Kunal review the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix on the Inside Line F1 Podcast, along with the stats review segment by @f1statsguru aka Sundaram. 

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Did Sergio Perez win the 2022 Monaco Grand Prix? Or did Ferrari lose it for Charles Leclerc? What could Ferrari have done differently to convert Leclerc's splendid pole position into a victory - his first at home?

Carlos Sainz's defiance of Ferrari's strategy, Williams' drivers hampering the progress of both Ferrari drivers, George Russell's continued top-5 finish trend, Lewis Hamilton in an Alpine sandwich & finally, the nearing of the end of Daniel Ricciardo's career in Formula 1?

Tune in!

(Season 2022, Episode 30)

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