Interview: Daniel Ricciardo's Physio-Trainer Michael Italiano
Inside Line F1 PodcastAugust 07, 2022x
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Interview: Daniel Ricciardo's Physio-Trainer Michael Italiano

In one of our summer break specials, we bring to you an in-depth interview with Daniel Ricciardo's trainer, Michael Italiano.

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Michael, who has been friends with Daniel since they were both aged 12 years, shares how Formula 1 drivers deal with the pressure & negativity that comes with their profession. Michael explains the 'jet lag protocol' that he has in place for Ricciardo - to help cope with flyaway races that after held in different timezones. He also explains how drivers maintain immunity through the long racing calendars & more. 

This episode was recorded a few days before the 2022 British Grand Prix and was scheduled for a summer break release. Our regulars would remember snippets from this interview in our 2022 British Grand Prix preview episode.

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(Season 2022, Episode 47)

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