Happy Lando Norris Day! 2023 British Grand Prix Review
Inside Line F1 PodcastJuly 10, 202300:34:24

Happy Lando Norris Day! 2023 British Grand Prix Review

Lando Norris, what a drive, what a race! The first four and the last eight laps of the race were absolute platinum class. How on earth did Lando Norris in a Mclaren on the hard tyre keep a charging Lewis Hamilton in a Mercedes on the soft tyre at bay?

Also, could Norris have challenged Max Verstappen at the restart had he taken the soft tyre? Post-race, Norris was still convinced that soft was the tyre to be on and not the hard!

How on earth did Alexander Albon manage to out-score the Ferraris? Williams' 800th Grand Prix couldn't have hoped for a better result. And of course, how on earth did Ferrari lose ground? The Italian team were so lost on strategy that Carlos Sainz even forgot what Plan B stood for!

Mercedes consolidated their second place in the Constructors' Championship with yet another podium but without a funny radio exchange between Hamilton and their pit wall. And finally, Aston Martin have gone two races without scoring a podium - their longest non-podium streak of the season.

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(Season 2023, Episode 35)

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Image courtesy: Mclaren