F1 Explained: What is F1? How did it all begin?
Inside Line F1 PodcastJune 24, 2022x
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F1 Explained: What is F1? How did it all begin?

'F1 Explained' is a new series on the Inside Line F1 Podcast that will re-visit some of the most-basic questions, rules & history on the sport of Formula 1.

This series will be hosted by Mithila & the segments will be presented by Aditya Bhat, the creator of the @bhat.tech on Instagram.

Amidst our regular race coverage schedule, when will 'F1 Explained' air on the Inside Line F1 Podcast?

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Whenever there's a fortnight-long gap between races, we will be there with a new episode of the 'F1 Explained' series. The first episode of the series answers the question - what is F1 and how did it all begin?

We're experimenting new content formats to cater to the new fans & build a bridge with us old timers. Let's know how you like (or don't?) our series & if there is a specific topic you want us to cover. 

Next episode - between the Austrian & French Grands Prix

(Season 2022, Episode 37)

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