F1 Explained - The Super Licence
Inside Line F1 PodcastJuly 14, 202200:08:39

F1 Explained - The Super Licence

In lieu of Mclaren's recent Indycar sign-ups, are the drivers eligible for a super licence? 

Here is the second episode of the F1 Explained series.

In this episode, Mithila & Sundaram talk about the 'FIA super licence', a prerequisite for any driver who wants to race a Formula 1 car.

They also explore the scenario at Mclaren & explain what exactly do the drivers on their radar need to do for their super licence. 

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How does a driver become eligible? And how long is a super licence valid? Is a female racer eligible for a super licence as well?

Tune in as Mithila & Sundaram share their research in this episode of the F1 Explained series. Have a topic you would like us to speak about in the next episode? Write to us via our Instagram page.

(Season 2022, Episode 42)

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