F1 2024 - Early & Bold Predictions
Inside Line F1 PodcastFebruary 16, 2024x
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F1 2024 - Early & Bold Predictions

The 2024 Formula 1 season is upon us...almost!

Here are our early and bold predictions for the upcoming season.

In this episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil Arora, @f1statsguru and Kunal Shah lay down their predictions for the 10 Formula 1 teams, the FIA and of course, FOM aka Liberty Media.

Will Red Bull Racing continue to dominate on-track? Will they continue to have "driver problems"? Will Lewis Hamilton's last season with Mercedes be a drab or will he actually win/outscore George Russell? Is Ferrari no longer a sloppy team under the leadership of Frederic Vasseur?

But wait, we talk of the mid-field and the minnows, too. Will Stake-Kick's investment into Sauber go waste by 2026? Haas' biggest publicity will be on Williams' sidepod, is it? Will Alexander Albon leave Williams to race at Red Bull Racing OR Mercedes? His Thai roots should come handy, we guess. And where does this leave Carlos Sainz Jr.?

Also, let's leave Andrea "Kimi" Antonelli alone.

(Season 2024, Episode 07)

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