El Crashico, Alonso-Swift rumours & more - 2023 Azerbaijan GP Preview
Inside Line F1 PodcastApril 26, 202300:34:58

El Crashico, Alonso-Swift rumours & more - 2023 Azerbaijan GP Preview

Will the 2 x Qualifying and 2 x Race sessions mean more chaos around the streets of Baku?

'Land of Fire', 'City of Winds' and the 'Home of the Street Fighters', all tags for Azerbaijan, Baku and the Baku City Circuit respectively are geared towards one goal - entertainment!

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After a near four week gap, the questions remain the same - will anyone catch Red Bull Racing? Can Sergio Perez really challenge Max Verstappen? Will all teams bring upgrades? Will Ferrari fire (not literally!)?

And is Fernando Alonso REALLY dating Taylor Swift!?

In this banter-filled episode of the Inside Line F1 Podcast, Soumil and Kunal preview the 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix. @f1statsguru aka Sundaram shares his stats preview. We're in for a mad weekend...tune in!

(Season 2023, Episode 17)

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