Car launches are for Sponsors...NOT Fans - F1 Explained
Inside Line F1 PodcastFebruary 08, 202300:05:13

Car launches are for Sponsors...NOT Fans - F1 Explained

It's 'car launch season' in Formula 1. Or is it? Formula 1 teams are launching liveries under the guise of a car launch. Understandably, fans aren't pleased.

As we build up to the 2023 Formula 1 season, we will simplify Formula 1 for you via our new series called 'F1 Explained'. It only seemed apt that our opening episode would talk about Formula 1 car launches...and how the primary audience are the team's sponsors. (Sorry to burst your bubble!)

Why do teams not use their latest cars? Why can't all teams have one grand launch event? And finally, some very fascinating car launches from history.

Whether you're a new fan ('Drive to Survive' converted) or a Formula 1 veteran, F1 Explained will aim to simplify the complexities of Formula 1 in five mins or less.

It's our version of the 'explain to me like I'm a five year old!'

Let's know how you like our new series AND if you have specific questions for us to get to first. 

(Season 2023, Episode 04)

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