Can Max Verstappen Score A Podium On His Red Bull Racing Debut?
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Can Max Verstappen Score A Podium On His Red Bull Racing Debut?

Max Verstappen drives his first race for Red Bull Racing and Mithila & Kunal couldn't be more excited. Can Max manage a podium on his debut? And can we get a little optimistic and hope for a race win (after all, the statistics are in his favour!).

After his Maldonado like movie in Russia, can Danii Kvyat pull off a 'Maldonado' again in Spain? That would mean winning the race - because Maldonado was a race winner here in 2012! What sweet revenge that would be.

Of course, Verstappen faces a host of challenges on his debut - but his biggest test is when he & Kvyat face the media together on Thursday. Certainly the FIA has a sense of humour!

If Renault had a sense of humour, maybe they would give Kevin Magnusen one of their new Renault trucks instead of a regular road car.

McLaren is doing their bit of social service for Formula One - they've an exclusive agreement with Honda, so thank God none else suffers with a Honda engine like them!

Carlos Sainz is patiently waiting for his turn for a promotion to Red Bull Racing (what else can he do?). It's likely that Sainz's shot at a promotion will come only when Ricciardo or Verstappen move to Ferrari. Where would that leave Kimi Raikkonon? Perhaps he is well suited to act as Formula 1's relationship manager with Vladamir Putin (in vodka we trust).

Lewis Hamilton has been racing against young karting drivers at the Barbados Festival of Speed - is he gearing up to take on a young Verstappen?

And finally, we tell you why MotoGP is cooler than Formula 1. But no, we're not going to start the Inside Line MotoGP Podcast!

Tune in!

(Season 2016, Episode 15)

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