Inside Job Boards and Recruitment MarketplacesJanuary 26, 202300:27:5725.65 MB

Is online recruitment in Canada the best or worst of the USA and EU?

Shelley Billinghurst, Founder of Hire Value and Co-Host of the Recruitment Flex Podcast

Shelley Billinghurst is one of Canada's leading recruitment experts. She's owned and retained a search company whose clients were primarily small- and medium-sized businesses, led the corporate recruiting for two of the world's largest energy extraction companies, owns a boutique recruitment advertising agency, and is the co-host of The Recruitment Flex, Canada's leading podcast about the world of recruitment.

In today's episode, we'll talk about how the country in which Shelley lives, Canada, shares a lot of cultural and business traits as its neighbor to the south, the United States, yet in other ways is more similar to the social democracies common in Europe. Recruiting professionals and talent acquisition technology in Canada follows suit: it is neither the same nor entirely different from what you find in the United States or Europe but, instead, a hybrid of the two.

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